Estate Planning Attorney Boca Raton, FL

Many people are tempted to put their heads in the sand and hope for the best when it comes to estate planning. They reason that they will start worrying about wills, trusts, and other legal matters when they get older, but this might be a big mistake. The time is now, because if you wait until things have escalated before taking action, there is no telling what could happen.

The good news is that estate planning lawyers are ready to offer a helping hand. They focus on your interests and better protect your investment and wealth. Here is what a Boca Raton Estate Planning Attorney can do.

Identification of Beneficiaries and Assets

An estate planning attorney will carefully look at your financial affairs and identify any assets you possess. They’ll also be able to determine who will inherit these essential items. An estate planning attorney will then develop a strategy that is in your best interest, ensuring your wishes are consistent with the law. It is important that you are clear about whether you would like to donate all of your assets or leave what you have to your children.

Determination of Property Distribution Strategy

Once your estate planning attorney has the details of your financial situation, they will advise you on distributing your assets and investments. This is a common question because various strategies can be employed.

People usually split up their money and property along bloodlines; one half for each child or leave everything with other directives. In any event, your estate planning attorney can create a dependable system and ensure your wishes are communicated..

Drafting of Legal Documents

It’s easy to procrastinate regarding estate planning because the topic can seem overwhelming. Family or friends may want to offer a helping hand, however people who do not have this time of legal experience will not know what to do and will often make mistakes. Instead of taking chances with your inheritance, hiring an estate planning attorney can be helpful.

A Boca Raton estate planning lawyer will take the time to create legal documents for you that are reliable and enforceable. They will draft your wills, trusts, powers of attorney in addition to any other directives they feel are necessary.

A common problem with probate is that the court appoints a personal representative to care for the estate. This person may or may not be someone you feel is capable or trustworthy enough to handle your assets. An attorney can help draft the appropriate legal documents that designate people you think will be better caretakers if this happens.

An experienced lawyer in this area will also know what to do when a person dies without a will. In these cases, the court determines who should take control of the assets by looking for close relatives. However, if the estate is particularly complicated or there’s little information about potential heirs, it can be challenging to make this determination.

Emotional Support

When it comes to estate planning, emotions can run high. This is true whether someone is looking forward to this material aspect of their lives or dealing with the aftermath of making poor decisions. The good news is that an estate planning lawyer is ready for any contingency and has the experience necessary to guide you through this complicated process.

If you want to give yourself an added layer of protection, consider the services of an estate planning attorney. These professionals are ready to offer their assistance and ensure your interests are adequately protected.

Handling Uncontested Probate

When a person passes away, their will often goes through probate. This is how other people are named to take care of the deceased’s affairs. Without complications, this process can be done without outside help. But in some cases, things get complicated, and it becomes necessary to hire a lawyer.

Estate planning attorneys assist with the legal requirements of the probate process. This is done by filing the correct forms to get everything started. These documents include a notice to creditors, inventory of assets, and other relevant material.

Estate Taxation Issues

Unfortunately, not every case ends without complications. This is why it becomes necessary to hire a lawyer with probate law experience. A qualified attorney can help if serious taxation issues need to be addressed.

For example, if you have a property worth a significant amount of money, the estate will likely be subject to taxation. If this is the case, it can become necessary to file an appeal and possibly pay additional fees. A Boca Raton estate planning lawyer would assist with this situation and guide you through the legal process.

Preparing Powers of Attorney and Medical Directives

An estate planning lawyer will also prepare documents like powers of attorney and medical directives. These can both be helpful in terms of getting the legal aspect of things settled.

Powers of attorney are essential when you start thinking about who will take care of your affairs if you’re no longer able to do so yourself, but have not passed away. If you do not select one for yourself, the court will be forced to do it for you. But if a power of attorney is prepared and signed beforehand, the person you designate will handle your affairs.

Medical directives are another famous document often prepared by an estate planning lawyer. These documents include information about what types of medical treatment a person wants to receive and who they want to make health care decisions for them if they become unable.

Guidance on Special Considerations: Businesses and Joint Property Ownership

An estate planning attorney will also offer guidance if you own a business or share the property with someone else. This is particularly important for married couples or those in committed relationships. For example, they could offer assistance if the relationship changes and it becomes necessary to dissolve the joint ownership of a property. The attorney could also help draft an agreement if the property in question is sold and the proceeds divided.

Estate planning attorneys can help you through this complicated process and ensure that your wishes are maintained in line with the law to protect your investments and assets from outside forces. Regardless of what you might feel like right now, it is never too early to get started on a estate plan because there is no telling when life will throw a wrench into everyone’s plans. A good estate planning attorney will focus on your situation and help make perfectly fitting decisions.