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Life is filled with stressful events, and the death of a loved one is at the top of the list. Death is painful, and it can create a lot of complex legal struggles. It is no surprise that during these difficult times, families often turn to professionals for help.

The probate process is about settling an individual’s estate upon their death. What seems like a simple and straightforward process, can quickly turn out to be a complicated affair.

The probate process in Pompano Beach, Florida, has unique rules that must be followed. If, for example, someone passes away without a trust or will, and their assets are in their name only, probate is necessary to distribute the property. Some assets are exempt from probate, such as accounts with named beneficiaries, revocable trusts, and property held as tenancy by entireties.

Turning to a Pompano Beach probate attorney could simplify the probate process. We understand the estate administration process and can help you ensure that the decedent’s instructions are executed.

Reasons to Consider Hiring Us

Are you planning your future, or are you in charge of someone else’s estate? You may be overwhelmed with everything that you need to do. Hiring a Pompano Beach probate attorney is a great idea, as we can help you navigate the legal process and avoid future problems.

Before a will is declared valid, the court has to examine it in a process known as probate. While it sounds simple in theory, the actual process can be a headache. If the probate process is handled incorrectly, you could be liable for the mistakes made. What could have been a simple process, could turn into a lengthy conflict.

If you don’t have significant knowledge and experience in probate law, things could be very stressful. Here are a few reasons to hire us, so you can focus on your grieving process.

1. Handling Debt Property

If your deceased loved one owed some money before passing on, we can help you deal with the creditors through the probate process. Taking care of financial responsibilities can be difficult, especially when you are grieving.

Debt is not always straightforward. If your loved one was in a complicated financial situation, you’ll need legal help understanding it. You also need to take care of funeral expenses, personal loans, income tax, and basic debt. The Estate may also incur debt of its own.

Every situation is unique and requires a unique approach. With our advice, you can be sure that you are doing things right.

2. Faster Access to the Estate

The probate process can be a long one. Depending on the nature of the situation, it could take more than a year. In normal circumstances, it can be as quick as four months. It is impossible to access investments, assets, and properties instantly. Working with a probate lawyer could speed up the process.

3. Preventing Rejection

You need to file several documents with the court before an estate can be opened and the probate process begun.. The documents have to be filled out and filed correctly to prevent rejection; even the smallest errors could be detrimental.

We help you gather documents and file the correct forms, ensuring that the estate is accepted and opened on the first try. This will speed up the process, and allow you not to have to stress over doing the paperwork yourself.

4. Avoiding Claims Against the Estate

When someone dies, there’s usually at least one defendant trying to make a claim against the decedent’s estate. This is common when someone wasn’t included in the will, but feel that they should have been.

Some beneficiaries make claims when they feel that the distribution of the estate isn’t fair. With our help, we can help you challenge claims attempting of the estate being used for personal gain.

5. Answering Your Questions

The complex nature of the probate process means you will probably have questions at some point. We are happy to work with you throughout the process to answer your questions and make your experience less stressful. How should you handle debt if the deceased had any? Who needs to be notified about the process? Is probating necessary for all assets? These are all questions that need to be answered, and we can help you answer them.

The advice you get from our team is invaluable; it helps you avoid mistakes that could make you personally liable.

6. Avoid Overpaying

Mistakes can happen as you strive to resolve debt, prompting you to overpay or pay incorrectly. In some cases, you need to have the relevant legal documentation when dealing with creditors. The process can be confusing, which is why you need legal representation to assist you in understanding the law.

7. Avoiding Lawsuits

No one wants to find themselves in the middle of a lawsuit soon after losing their loved one. However, lawsuits are common when family members cannot agree with the probating process. The suits are more than an inconvenience, they are also costly and time-consuming. They can take an emotional toll on you and your family.

Having a probate lawyer on board reduces the likelihood of running into situations that could cause lawsuits.

 What Do We Do?

We offer a variety of estate planning and probate services, including:

  • Drafting a will
  • Speeding up probate
  • Protecting the estate
  • Reducing family conflict
  • Supporting heirs and executors of the will

While you aren’t legally required to have an estate attorney, you should consider it. Our team can make your experience easier after the death of a loved one. Although you may believe that you can handle the probate process on your own doesn’t mean you should. You may not realize how frustrating and overwhelming the process really is, and it is more difficult to get things back on course once things have gone wrong than allowing an experienced probate attorney to handle things from the beginning.

Instead of running into roadblocks and possibly triggering family conflict, you would be wise to leave the task to professionals. Our team is empathetic, professional, and experienced. Contact us today and get help no matter how complicated your case may seem.


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