Our clients love Virtual Estate Planning and we do too!

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We offer our legal services throughout the State of Florida virtually so that our clients can meet with an attorney and design their custom estate plan without having to leave their home or office.


Simple, Fast, Safe

Our firm safely stores your documents for you to review and retrieve.
Our planning service includes:

    1. Virtual or in-person meetings.
    2. Simple online scheduling and payments.
    3. A secure client portal for reviewing your documents.
    4. Custom legal documents tailored for your individual situation.

Virtual Estate Planning In 5 Simple Steps

Step 1- Online Intake Form

Fill out our online estate planning intake form from your phone or computer.

Step 2- Virtual Appointment with an Attorney

We answer any questions regarding the estate planning process and ensure we meet your legal needs in an online setting. During the consultation, we will provide a quote for the total cost of your requested legal services.

Step 3- Sign & Pay

Electronically sign our contract (we send it via email) and pay our flat rate legal fees online with a credit card.

Step 4- Draft & Review

Review your estate planning documents via your secure client portal.  You can request revisions at this time and discuss your plan with your attorney.  Once you approve your drafts, your estate planning portfolio will be finalized and mailed to you.

Step 5- Sign your Plan

We will mail you your complete estate planning portfolio along with signing and funding instructions. Once signed, we ask that you scan and upload the fully executed documents to your secure client portal so that we can check the documents for accuracy and retain a copy for our file.



How long does the process take?


After signing up with our firm, we will begin designing and drafting your estate plan. This is a detail-oriented process that can take several weeks, but we aim to upload your drafts to the secure client portal in two weeks or less. Once we have drafted and finalized your plan, you will be ready for a signing ceremony.

Do you provide experienced attorneys?

Yes. Our Florida Licensed estate planning attorneys have drafted numerous estate plans for satisfied customers.

Where are you located?

Our office is located in Boca Raton, FL.

Loughlin Law, P.A.
150 East Palmetto Park Road
Suite 800
Boca Raton, FL 33432

Do you include notary or recording services?

If you chose an in-person package, we will contact you to schedule the signing ceremony, which will take place at our office where we have the requisite witnesses and notary available. Upon request, we can arrange to have a signing ceremony at your home for an additional fee.

If you chose a virtual package, we will provide you with your complete estate planning portfolio along with signing and funding instructions.

We can refer you to a mobile notary or you can visit a UPS Store or Postal Annex to have your documents notarized.

In addition, some banks offer free notary services to clients who bank with them.

What if I need to revise my estate plan?

Loughlin Law, P.A. will be happy to quote you a flat rate for any future revisions based on the complexity of the revision.

Are there any additional fees?

We offer flat rate legal fees so there are no surprises at the end of our transaction.  If you chose a virtual package, you will be responsible for notary costs. If you asked us to prepare a deed, we will provide an estimate for the recording costs.

Do you offer virtual legal services?

Yes, we offer all of our legal services virtually. These include:
Estate Planning
Personal Injury
Real Estate

How do I know what documents I need?

You will have a virtual meeting with an attorney to design your estate plan. Your attorney will review your online intake form and make recommendations based on your unique circumstances.