Things To Consider When Selecting a Guardian for Your Children

Have You Selected a Guardian for Your Children?Selecting a guardian for your child is not a fun task. Many people put it off for this very reason. As a mother of three, I get it! There are a lot of emotions involved. Leaving our kids prematurely is not something any parents want to discuss.While it isn’t an easy decision, it is one that should be made while you still have a say in the matter. If you don’t name a guardian and fail to provide guidance should anything happen to you, here are a few alternatives that could happen:

  • The court names a guardian for you without any guidance or understanding of your situation
  • Since children cannot inherit property, this person named by the court is also left in control of your property
  • Your children could receive their inheritance at 18 years old which is very young
  • Family conflict and fighting could occur as your family attempts to make major decisions without your guidance

We encourage you to name others as guardians just in case, to avoid these alternatives. It’s time to begin having conversations about guardianship and get a plan in place.If you are having difficulty deciding on a guardian, we can offer guidance.

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