Trust Lawyer In Southwest Ranches

Are you concerned your loved ones may not be protected and your assets may be exposed to high court costs and legal fees? Have you heard that setting up a trust can protect your family and keep them out of a costly court process? Do you need to hire a trust lawyer in Southwest Ranches? Our Southwest Ranches estate planning lawyers help you protect your family through trusts and estate planning. We help you to maintain control over your affairs, protect your beneficiaries, including minors, and keep your loved ones out of probate court.

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Trust Lawyer In Southwest Ranches

Are You Looking To Hire A Trust Lawyer In Southwest Ranches?

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • what is a trust lawyer in Southwest Ranches
  • what is a trust in Southwest Ranches
  • what does a trust lawyer in Southwest Ranches do
  • the benefits of having a trust
  • how the process works

What Is A Trust Lawyer In Southwest Ranches?

A trust lawyer in Southwest Ranches helps individuals and families:

  • maintain control over their affairs during life and after
  • protect their beneficiaries
  • avoid a lengthy and costly probate process
  • name guardians for their minors so that they are raised by the right people and inherit money at a responsible age
  • give what they have to whom they want

Their knowledge and expertise ensure that setting up a trust and the estate planning process are carried out:

  • effectively
  • efficiently
  • in compliance with the law

What Is A Trust In Southwest Ranches?

A trust is a private agreement that spells out the rules you want followed for the assets owned by the trust when you pass away.

Anything owned by a trust, or that passes to your trust upon your death, will avoid probate.

A trust is private and does not get filed, recorded, or registered.

The trust can allows you to:

  • Maintain Control: You manage the trust during your life, and you get to decide who will manage the trust after you and or your spouse (the successor trustee).
  • Plan for Incapacity: If you become incapacitated, your successor trustee can step in and manage the trust for you.
  • Choose Beneficiaries: You are the beneficiary during your life, and you choose who will get the assets owned by the trust at your death (the beneficiary).
  • Set Up Guardrails: You set the rules for inheritance, i.e. no person shall inherit prior to attaining a certain age, but the trust can pay for anything related to health, education, maintenance, and support/
  • Avoid Probate: Assets titled to the trust or passing to the trust upon your death will avoid the lengthy and costly probate court process in Florida.

Let’s talk about what to expect from an trust lawyer in Southwest Ranches.

What Does A Trust Lawyer in Southwest Ranches Do?

A trust lawyer in Southwest Ranches plays a critical role in helping create a trust based plan that captures your wishes and meets your estate planning goals. A trust lawyer in Southwest Ranches also determines what other estate planning documents you need, and why you need them.

Their guidance will ensure that you avoid common DIY will disasters, and ensure your wishes are accurately and fully captured (see Advantages Of Hiring An Estate Planning Attorney).

In Southwest Ranches, a trust lawyer can assist with:

  • Creating Trusts: Sometimes a will alone is not enough, especially if you have minor children or want to avoid probate.
  • Writing Wills: Having a will means that you get a say in who gets what and who is in control rather than the State of Florida.
  • Legal Advice: We know the law, and we can apply it to your specific situation.
  • Updating Existing Documents: Trusts, wills, and other estate planning documents should be reviewed and updated as your circumstances change (for example, moving to Florida from another state), and at least every few years.
  • Probate: When we aren’t creating trusts and estate plans, we are helping people navigate the complex probate legal process after a loved one passes away.
  • Creating Estate Plans: We believe in comprehensive estate plans that cover you in just about every situation that can arise during your lifetime.

Schedule your estate planning strategy and design session to find out what you need, and what you don’t need to protect your family.

The Benefits of Hiring A Trust Lawyer In Southwest Ranches

A trust lawyer in Southwest Ranches will provide legal guidance and representation so that you can finally have peace of mind.

The best time to create a trust is when you are alive and well and there is no emergency.

If you wait until there is an emergency, you leave your family in a messy and costly situation, and of course the Florida default rules kick in.

Here are the other benefits of creating a trust in Southwest Ranches:

  • Maintain Control – You decide who gets what and who is in charge of carrying out your wishes.
  • Protect your Beneficiaries – Put a plan in place that ensures your loved ones inherit with protections in place, especially if you have minors or beneficiaries with special considerations.
  • Alleviate Stress – Putting a plan in place isn’t all about you, it’s also about the people you care about. Don’t leave them to stress or panic if you get sick or pass away without getting your wishes in writing.
  • Avoid Disputes – Getting your wishes in writing means less room for people to guess what you would have wanted.
  • Charitable Gifts You can leave gifts to charities or causes important to you.
  • Making Changes – Things change, and so can your estate plan. We update trusts, wills, and other estate planning documents frequently.
  • Peace of Mind – You can protect your family and get peace of mind through simple estate planning.
  • Minimize or Avoid Probate Fees – Probate court can be costly and lengthy, but having the right plan in place can help your loved ones bypass probate court.
  • Business Continuity – You want to ensure that your trust and other living documents include important language regarding managing your business in the event you are unable to and you also want to ensure your business is distributed according to your wishes.
  • Incapacity Planning Ensure the people you trust can step in and make decisions for you if you get sick.
  • Privacy – Trusts are private documents that don’t get filed, registered, or recorded.

What Happens If You Don’t Hire A Trust Lawyer In Southwest Ranches?

You know that hiring a trust lawyer in Southwest Ranches means that you will receive top-notch legal guidance and representation so that you can finally have peace of mind.

But what happens if you decide not to?

Here is what happens if you don’t have a trust and other critical estate planning documents in Southwest Ranches:

  • Lose Control – The Florida default rules can kick in to determine who gets what, who is in charge of carrying out your wishes, and who should care for your minors.
  • Disputes – Failing to get your wishes in writing means people are left to guess what you would have wanted, and this creates conflict among your loved ones.
  • Causes Stresses and Messes – When you fail to put a plan in place, you cause unnecessary stress and leave a mess for your loved ones to clean up.
  • A Judge Chooses A Guardian For Your Kids – If you want a say in who cares for your minor children if you are not alive to do it yourself, you must put this in writing now.
  • Your Partner May Get Nothing – The law has no protection for unmarried partners, regardless of how long you were together and whether or not you shared a home.
  • You May Disinherit Other People You Love – The law has no protection for your step-children, even if you helped raise them.
  • No Charitable Gifts – If you want to leave a gift to charities or causes important to you, you must include it in your plan.
  • DIY Failure – The problem with DIY trusts is that you won’t know something is wrong or defective until it is too late and an improperly created or funded trust may land your loved ones in probate court.
  • No Peace of Mind – You know you need to do this, and you will not have peace of mind until it is done correctly.

How the Process Works

If you want help from a trust lawyer in Southwest Ranches, schedule an appointment or fill out the form below.

What to Expect After Scheduling an Appointment

  • Schedule an appointment using the link below to pick a time that works for you. You can also call the number below and we will help you schedule.
  • Complete a questionnaire – we send you a link to a questionnaire that can be completed from your phone or computer. This helps us understand your unique situation and how we can help.
  • Attend the call over the phone or zoom – we will go over your specific situation, discuss your assets and beneficiaries, and come up with a legal strategy that will meet your goals.
  • Sign an agreement to hire us – this allows us to get to work on your behalf. We charge flat fees – no surprises billing along the way.
  • We draft your plan for you – we will prepare your estate plan based on the strategy we discussed.
  • Review your plan – we will upload your estate plan to a secure client portal for you to review. You can schedule a review session with your attorney to answer any questions you have before you are ready to sign.
  • Sign your plan – once you approve your plan, you can either come to our office to sign, or, if you chose to work with us remotely, we will print your plan, put it in a portfolio, and mail it to you for signing. If you need an introduction to a reliable notary who will come out to you for the signing at your convenience, we are happy to help facilitate that. You never have to leave your home for a custom, quality plan.
  • Fund your trust – if your plan includes a living trust, you will be able to fund the trust after it has been properly executed. We will assist you with recording any deeds you’ve asked us to prepare.
  • Keep your plan up to date – we will check in with you periodically to see if you need any revisions to your plan, however you can always reach out to us as your circumstances change.

How You Should Prepare for your Appointment

Feel free to download our FREE Estate Planning Guide.

Talk to our Trust Lawyers in Southwest Ranches

  • Click the link to schedule an appointment or give us a call.
  • Schedule a time that is convenient for you.
  • Start gathering information to discuss with our estate planning attorneys.

Here is what you need to do to prepare for setting up your estate plan in Southwest Ranches:

  • Your Goals, Issues, Concerns – what made you decide to get your affairs in order? Are you worried about minor children? Do you want to keep your family out of court?
  • Your assets – we will go over what you own and how you have your assets titled. This includes your real estate, bank accounts, non-retirement investments, retirement, life insurance, business, etc. You don’t need to come with a spreadsheet, we will do that for you!
  • Your beneficiaries – who do you want to leave your estate to? If you are leaving gifts to minors, what age would you like them to inherit? Do you have beneficiaries with special needs?
  • Your existing estate plan – if you already have a plan, share it with our estate planning lawyer. Maybe you moved here from another estate, or maybe your plan is older and needs to be updated.
  • Questions – use this time to get your questions answered! This meeting is simply about you!
  • Who do you trust to help if you need it – think about who could step in and manage your affairs if you needed help, legally, financially, and medically.

Don’t worry about getting into all the details with this information – come with what you know.

You can also fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get started.

Who Needs A Trust Lawyer In Southwest Ranches?

Everyone needs a will. You know if you don’t have one, the state of Florida has written one for you, and you may not like that.

If you are in one of the following situations, you may want to consider a trust in addition to a will:

  • If you own real estate. If you own multiple pieces of real property, you want to keep these high value assets out of probate.
  • If you have minor children. You may want to put some protections in place so that your children don’t inherit money before their are mature enough to handle it.
  • If you own a business. You need more specialized planning if you own a business.
  • You have specific wishes. If you have particular wishes regarding who gets what, you need to put it in a well-thought out plan.
  • You have a blended or complicated family situation. Not having a plan in place means that people you want to inherit may not, and people who you don’t want to inherit may get everything you have.
  • You want to avoid disputes. If you want things to be as simple as possible for your loved ones, spell it out for them. Hiring a trust lawyer in Southwest Ranches can assist.
  • You have health issues or concerns. If you are sick or have health concerns, getting a plan in place is absolutely imperative.

If you want help from an estate planning law firm, schedule an appointment or fill out the form below.

Hire A Trust Lawyer In Southwest Ranches

If you want help from a trust lawyer in Southwest Ranches for your estate planning needs, schedule an appointment or fill out the form below.

At Loughlin Law, P.A., we understand the importance of:

  • protecting your hard-earned assets
  • ensuring your family’s future
  • not losing everything to creditors and lawsuits
  • properly (and legally) distributing assets

We can only accommodate a limited number of clients each month.

So don’t miss your opportunity to work with our estate planning lawyers.

Benefits of our estate planning services:

  • Tailored solutions to fit your unique needs and goals
  • Compassionate guidance in navigating the estate planning process
  • Efficient and friendly service coupled with exceptional communication so you know the status of your estate plan at any given time

Avoid the pitfalls of inadequate DIY strategies:

  • Allowing the state to decide what happens to you and your assets
  • Accidentally disinheriting your loved ones
  • Leaving money to people you don’t know or don’t like
  • Creditors seizing assets
  • Lawsuits jeopardizing your family’s inheritance
  • Family disputes
  • Costly and time-consuming probate processes


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  3. Trusts We create trust plans for people who want to avoid the cost and expense of probate and plan for their loved ones.
  4. Probate We help people navigate the complex probate process after someone passes away.